DNS Delegation Help

Hello all,

I am new to Certify and I am just getting my head around domain delegation.

I seem to have everything setup correctly using azure DNS api to insert the text records.

CNAME record at _acme-challenge.example.com points to _acme-challenge.test.com

If I manually create a txt record for _acme-challenge.test.com and use something like dns checker for TXT record _acme-challenge.example.com, it comes back with the correct record stored at _acme-challenge.test.com.

However, if I used certify app to create the txt records on azure dns, it inserts it as _acme.challenge.example.com. So when the app does the validation it says it can’t find it as the full text record is _acme.challenge.example.com.test.com.

I hope this makes sense.

Is there something in Certify so it only adds the TXT record as_acme.challenge and not the whole address? Or have I done something wrong with the CNAME?


Hi James, I see you’ve logged a helpdesk ticket, I’ll reply to that.