DNS Update Method - dynup.de


I would like to update a txt record for with my DynDns Provider (DynDNSFree.de/Namemaster.de).
I’ve got the followng URI which is working but I do not understand how to implement it into certify:


<user> = Username
<password> = Password
<Domain> = Domain for which the TXT-record should be set
<txt> = ACME Challenge for TXT-record

Probably it’s simple but how can I achieve, that txt-record is update for this provider?

thx and regards

Hi, yes the way for you to achieve this is to create your own custom .bat files for create and delete:

Here are some example create and (optionally) delete batch files, you would need to add your own scripting to call the actual web api. I would suggest using curl, which you may will have to download.

Example Create

REM This script would be called with the parameters <target domain> <record name> <record value> <zone id (optionally)>

REM The script would be expected to create the correct record name (so for _acme-challenge.www.domain.com it would need to create a "_acme-challenge.www" TXT record in the DNS zone

REM This example just logs the input to a text file.

ECHO "Created TXT Record in the DNS Zone for domain: %1 with Record Name: %2 and Record Value: %3" > dns_create_test.log

Example Delete:


ECHO "Deleted TXT Record in the DNS Zone for domain: %1 with Record Name: %2" > dns_delete_test.log

Thanks for your answer.

Ist it possible to use PowerShell instead of batch?
Batch is pretty old and buggy. I’m only using PS scripts nowadays.

Yes, just call powershell from your .bat file.

Well, I want to omit using batch file and instead use PS.
So using a batch file to call a PS and piping the variable through it, where is the sense in that?

So basically you are saying Certify doesn’t support PS scripts? Correct?

We use .bat files as the option for DNS scripting because that gives us compatibility with scripts from other tools, such as win-acme.

We have extensive support for PowerShell in Deployment Tasks but we have not offered PowerShell for DNS updates because calling powershell via your .bat file is trivial. In addition you can use the same technique to call node, python etc.

We will consider pull requests via github for any new DNS scripting functionality you’d like to see added, however our recommendation is for most users to consider using acme-dns or a well supported DNS provider such as AWS Route 53 or Cloudflare.

In addition as you favor powershell you should check out https://github.com/rmbolger/Posh-ACME/tree/master/Posh-ACME/ which we use for more some more ‘niche’ DNS Providers such as this, so you can contribute your own script to that and we can in turn implement that in Certify.

Although as this is a one line curl script you should probably just skip powershell, up to you.

Thanks for the explaination.

Well in the end I made a batch script which piped to powershell (because the PS-Script was already done (and there was a lot more than just an web request because my systems are hardend).

At least it’s working now and I forwarded everything to the provider to maybe implement it into Posh-ACME.

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