DNS Validation Script Afraid DNS

Hi guys - I’m using afraid.org for my DNS. Has anyone managed to create an update script for use with their API?

I’m looking to automate DNS challenges.

Currently they have a guide using curl as per below:-

curl -b “dns_cookie=XXXXXXXXXX” -d “type=TXT” -d “subdomain=_acme-challenge” -d “domain_id=0000” -d “data_id=0000” -d “address=%22some_text%22” https://freedns.afraid.org/subdomain/save.php?step=2

This will work great for my Linux VM’s - Would awesome to do the above in Powershell.

Many thanks

If you install curl and use the custom DNS scripting option (which run dos batch files) you could run more or less the same commands. Give it a try!

Many thanks for the reply. I’ve installed curl - however when testing my script in certify it just seems to pull down the content of the freedns page and my TXT record is not created.

Clearly there is something amiss in my syntax - I’ve inputted the dns_cookie correctly and my data_id is set correctly for the subdomain in question.

Here’s the FAQ on the freedns site for reference.


Any ideas?