DNS Verification from within Dreamhost Control Panel?

Sorry I’ve had to put spaces into the URLS below because the board software limits new users to two links, I hope you can still understand it.

I’m using the update DNS manually challenge option but I have a question about how to change my DNS.

_(Update DNS Manually) :: Please login to your DNS control panel for the domain ‘www .example. net’ and create a new TXT record named: acme-challenge.www.example.net with the value: 1khwm2Rrjt0lrEA8lowbxA8MFGLd0abcdefghtci6tI

I’m having the make the DNS changes through the Dreamhost DNS configuration screen and the form I’m looking at looks like this :slight_smile:

So I just want to check that I should put


into the ‘Name’ field and


into the ‘Value’ field ?

When I tried this before the validation didn’t work and it seemed to me that rather than providing a TXT record for www. example. net I was actually producing a TXT message for _acme-challenge. www. example. net which seemed a bit odd.

Hi, yes you definitely should be created the TXT record as directed which will be specified in the form ‘_acme-challenge.yourdomain.com’ but the actual name you need to create will vary depending on your DNS setup (specifically it depends on whether you are adding a subdomain), so yes ‘_acme-challenge.www’ sounds correct (because it will be _acme-challenge.www.yourdomain.com.
when it’s fully qualified.

The ‘_acme-challenge’ part is because the Let’s Encrypt service we use refers to it’s certificate automation process as ‘ACME’.