DNS Zone Id Fetch Not Populating (GoDaddy DNS Update Method)

I am using 4.1.6 on Windows 2008R2. When I click the fetch button next to the DNS Zone Id textbox, I see the spinner and the dropdown menu appears with default text “(Select Zone).”

When the spinner stops spinning, there is nothing select. “(Select Zone)” is still the only option.

There is no pop-up message or text to indicate something went wrong.

Is it me or the program?

Hi Rob,

Hmm, there haven’t been any reports of problems with the GoDaddy provider recently and I’ve done a quick test with my own GoDaddy account and was able to retrieve my list of zones OK. If your account key or secret was wrong in the credentials then you wouldn’t get an error, just an empty list so I suspect that’s the problem (internally our zone lookup api returns a list or it doesn’t - there is no error reporting). If you go to Settings> Stored Credentials and test the GoDaddy credentials it will pass if a zone lookup query works (and fail if it doesn’t).

Hi, it seems like it was only a temporary problem. I tried again today, and the Zone IDs populated quickly!

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