Documentation about configuration

I would like to use an automation software to deploy and configure certify the web. The software that I use creates templates that I can then place into folders, It also allows for editing of windows registry files. Where is the configuration for certify the web stored. Is this something that is able to be edited outside of the UI?


Hi, currently the only supported way to automated cert creation is the command line CSV import, see

There is a local API (used by the GUI) and an SQL lite database under programdata/certify but working with these would be unsupported because they change between versions.

Is there any documentation on the supported fields. currently it just says

You can optionally specify the CSV columns to import and their order by specifying a header row including any of:

and then has a list

siteid, name, domains, primarydomain, includeinautorenew, performautoconfig,performchallengefilecopy, performextensionlessconfigchecks,performtlssnibindingconfigchecks,performautomatedcertbinding,enablefailurenotifications, prerequestpowershellscript, postrequestpowershellscript, webhooktrigger, webhookmethod, webhookurl,webhookcontenttype, webhookcontentbody

But it doesn’t really explain all the features, also I would like it to be able to provide credentials for our DNS provider and I’m not sure if one of these fields would allow me to add an additional file with those or if that is currently possible.

Hi Adam,

I can confirm that the CSV import does not support DNS provider settings (including credentials). Incidentally DNS credentials are always store using the internal Stored Credentials system and are not specified in clear text as configuration.

I think the level of automation you are after is not officially supported. You could consider using the local API (which has a /swagger API definition if run in debug mode via visual studio) but you would need to be careful when upgrading in case any of your customisation breaks. On a similar track you could write to the c:\programdata\certify\manageditems.db (which is sqlite and can be opened using, for that you could copy a template item and change the settings as required, again you’d need to be cautious of upgrades to preserve compatibility.