Does autorenew require app to be open?

Apologies for such a simple question.

I used CTW to register a new cert for a server. I’ve configured auto renew to “use background service”, however it’s explicit whether this means that the app doesn’t need to be open for auto-renew to happen.

Checking the server services I can see a service called Certify.Service running, is this the CTW service which needs to be running so that autorenew runs? It would be nice if the autorenew part of the app was a bit more descriptive about this all.

confirmation that this service is all that needs to be running so autorenews happen would be great.


Hi, thanks for the feedback. The autorenewal (and in fact, every action) is handled by the background service as you suspected, so no the app does not need to be open.

In older versions of the app a Scheduled Task was used to perform auto renewal but that method is likely to removed in the future as the background service actually does all the work either way.

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