Domain Authorization Multiple Zones Problem

I am trying to create a certificate for two different domains.

In Domain authorization, when I specify the first one, looks fine. Then I select “Add Configuration”, and as soon as I put in the other DNS Zone on the new configuration, it changes the first one to what the second is. If I go back to the first one and fix it, it changes the second one to the first one.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Hi Dave, I think there is a quite possibly a bug or at least non-intuitive behavior in the UI. The only way I can recreate this issue is if I change the DNS Update Method to something else and back again, which then copies the settings from the other part of the configuration.

You will have notice that in subsequent configuration you need to specify the domain match (like * so it knows which configuration to use for which domains.

Which DNS Provider(s) are you using?

If you persist and set the DNS zone ID correctly again and hit save, does the problem go away or can you reliably recreate the issue?

I started over and wasn’t able to reproduce so I’m not sure what combination of actions I did to get it fighting back and forth. I was using Azure DNS as the auth provider though for both.

Was able to move forward though, thanks for the response.

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Great, glad you got it working ok!