Domains not listed to renew

I run server 2012 R2 Server, I have several websites running on IIS, only some domains list to add a new certificate. Some domains does not list and is visible on IIS. All apps and Bindings with ip addresses is configured correctly.

Hi, try the Refresh button under ‘Domains and Subdomains to include:’ to check IIS again or you can add them manually by typing them in and clicking the Add button.

Yes I did, but only shows the same domains, What I did is to add a domain via the default website, and add the domains manually. I than rename the default website to the corresponding domain I added. It generated the certificates with success,


The name of the managed certificate used in the user interface does not affect which domains will be included in the certificate, e.g.a managed certificate called ‘WebMail’ might handle ‘’ and ‘’.

Domains are read automatically from IIS website http or https bindings. Other protocol bindings are ignored. If the app is failing to retrieve other http/https hostname bindings you have defined in IIS then your IIS applicationHost.config may be corrupt in some way.

You should also ensure that any website you want to manage certificates for is not ‘stopped’ in IIS as by default we won’t query stopped sites.