Dynamic HTTP API call for DNS challenge


Is is possible to create a dynamic HTTP API call option for the DNS challenge? I’d like to configure an internal API call thats not supported by the default providers.

It would be nice if it works like this:

  • Create URL
  • Create HTTP METHOD
  • Create HTTP Body
  • Create HTTP Header
  • Delete URL
  • Delete HTTP METHOD
  • Delete HTTP Body
  • Delete HTTP Header
  • Maybe more options for API calls needed

You need to put this in the protected storage so you can reuse it. Also define template/tags (like [domain]) in the url and body that are replaced with dynamic information with the domain/zone/record value info.

The custom HTTP header is needed in some cases for authentication.

With this option you add a great option for people using a DNS provider that’s not supported!

It would be great if I could get your opinion on this one!


Hi Jack,
The simplest way to achieve this is to use the DNS Scripting option, that way you can just call curl or other any tools to call your API. HTTP APIs use all manner of different auth mechanisms (API keys, authentication headers and tokens etc).

Thanks for your reply. I know I can do it that way. But it would be simpler if I can configure it from within the tool itself so my non-dev co-workers can configure it without scripting. And curl also needs more tooling installed.

Hi jack, yes, totally agree it would be nice to be able to do it in the UI. The app already has some mature methods for providing UI dynamically (configured from template configuration) so it could be something we can do in the future if there is demand.

Regarding scripting, you can provide a standard create script and standard delete script, so other users just need to select the script rather than adapting/writing scripts. You can also call powershell, python, custom command line apps etc as an alternative to using curl.

Got it. When will the new version with powershell support ship?

You can currently use DNS scripting to call a batch file, and in turn run powershell (e.g. a .bat file calling powershell createscript.ps1).

There’s no plan currently for DNS scripting to be powershell only, but for Pre/Post request scripting that’s already powershell (Show Advanced Options > Scripting), but that’s used mostly for post-processing of certificates and is unrelated to the DNS scripting option.