Email Notification on Success/Failure

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Just found your product and tested on a VM and worked great. One thing that I didn’t see in the application or by searching in the community was an option to email with the results of a renewal operation (on success or failure). I can’t wait to implement this to get rid of paying for Digicert and then having to update each server, but I feel like it would put some of the team at ease to have an automated email when a renewal operation runs that emails a summary of what happened. I know we can do scripts, but I feel like other users might benefit from this as well.

Perhaps an email field and SMTP server field on each managed certificate selection?

Renewal Result:
IIS Site:
Job Started:
Job Ended:
New cert name:
Replaced cert:
Signing Algorithm:
Expiration Date of renewed cert:
Next Planned Renewal:
Server Name (where it was run on):
Deployed to HTTPS bindings: Y/n

Thanks a ton for the great product!


We don’t have a built in SMTP job currently because as you say this can be done with scripting:

We also offer a Web Hooks task which can call a web hook of your choice.

If you register the application instance on the Certify The Web portal dashboard it will send status reports to our API and you can login to review the status of recent renewals.

Note also that by default Certify will log renewal failures and dynamically retry the renewal, if the renewal keeps failing and you have Status Reporting enabled (which is on by default) it will tell our API, which in turn will email you to tell you the renewal is failing to complete (based on the email specified under Settings > Certificate Authorities).

As a side note Let’s Encrypt, regardless of the above, will email the registered user if a certificate is within a week or two of expiring.

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