Enable Status Reports to Dashboard

Hi Friend,

Is that working? We’ve got 100 user licence, with 22 servers activated.

On my dashboard its only showing the 2 servers that I originally set up. The other 20 don’t show, I’ve got the box ticked in the options and the certs on pretty much all of them have renewed since entering the licence code / turning on that option.


Hi, to enable dashboard reporting you need to click ‘Add to Dashboard’ on the getting started screen (home screen of the app), if you have already added the instance it will not show that button. You then need to request or renew at least once certificate for the status report to show up.

By default our API does receive status reports but unless they are renewal failures they are discarded by the system. You have to specifically opt-in each instance to store reports for the dashboard.

If you believe your instance is aldready added to the dashboard and it’s still not showing up please contact support {at} certifytheweb.com for further investigation.

excellent thank you, thats what I was missing. Must have done that for the two i’ve got showing.

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