Error checking SSL certificate

I am using Certify version on Windows Server 2016 v 1607, IIS v 10.0.14393.0

I created the virtual directory .well-known in IIS
I ran the ACME challenge successfully
I created a new certificate that is valid until 8/26/2021
I use the SSL Checker at: Check SSL Certificate

I get back the following error:
SSL_connect SYSCALL returned=5 errno=0 state=SSLv2/v3 read server hello A

I have followed this exact procedure on a Windows 10 machine and multiple Windows Servers and
have never received this error before.

I assume it is an IIS or Windows Server setting but idk.

Thanks in advance

Hi, I’ve received your support ticket so I’ll respond to that, more information is required to work out where the problem might be.

Note that there is normally no requirement to create the .well-known folder or virtual directory yourself unless you are trying to do something unusual, Certify has it’s own temporary http challenge response service integrated into the http.sys pipeline before IIS.