Error with dnsmadeeasy due to header time

NTP checks out on the server. DNSmadeeasy auth checked, three zones in the cert (SAN). Error on test or execution. Log says:

2019-11-11 09:48:35.956 +00:00 [ERR] DNS update failed: DnsMadeEasy DNS API :: [DnsMadeEasy DNS API] Failed to create record: DnsMadeEasy: Failed to query DNS Zones. :: {“error”: [“Request sent with date header too far out of sync. Difference in times is 59538, header value is 1573465715000”]}

Log epoch time matches header value, not sure why it wont work. This has worked previously but renewal failed this time.

any ideas?

Hi, I don’t have an account to test with but there’s not that can go wrong other than your server time or the DnsMadeEasy server time, so either they are out or you are.

I’d triple check your own server time is correct to the nearest second with a reputable internet time server (i.e. a local ntp server doesn’t count). If the issue persists then contact the DNS Made Easy support and tell them as it’s possible they have multiple API servers and one of them could be out of sync.

I was guessing as such. I reconfigured w32tm to use pool ntp rather than our DC. No change. Ive raised a ticket with DNSmadeEasy to see what they say. Thanks for the reply.

Did a sample rate, dont think it is us…

w32tm /stripchart / /dataonly /samples:5

Tracking [].
Collecting 5 samples.
The current time is 11/11/2019 11:21:57 AM.
11:21:57, -00.0048294s
11:22:00, -00.0049845s
11:22:02, -00.0042262s
11:22:04, -00.0039655s
11:22:06, -00.0049704s

Well you clearly know your NTP stuff. One other way to check is to sniff the https communication using Fiddler so you can inspect their date header and assess if they are out or not:

Really though I’d just wait to see what their support says, they’ve probably seen this before.

aye. thanks for the reply (and reassurance). I wasnt sure what certifytheweb did for timing hence the post. I’ll wait for dnsmadeeasy and see what they say.

Problem resolved itself (without intervention from me). I suspect it was a time sync issue their end. Panic over…

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