Export a Certificate

OK I have created a certificate using the program. Now I want to export it to a file so that I can upload it to AWS website with the same name. How do I do it so that I get a physical file to upload.

In other words, where is this certificate saved.

Thank you.

Hi, you can find the current path to the pfx file by clicking Show Advanced Options > Other Options and you will see the file path, in the current version that’s under C:\ProgramData\Certify\certes\assets\pfx

If you need to repeat this process when the certificate expires you should look at either scripting the deployment (Show Advanced Options > Scripting, https://docs.certifytheweb.com/docs/script-hooks.html) - a little depends on how your site is actually setup as in some case it would be easier to use the host platform services (so for AWS, the AWS Certificate Manager).