Export Auto-Generated CSR?

Is it possible to export the CSR that’s automatically generated for new requests to a file? I ran into a problem deploying certificates to a certain endpoint using a custom CSR, but I was wanting to archive all of the files used in the process.


Our CSR is never created as a file, just in memory but you do have the option of reusing the private key between requests: check Certificate > Advanced > Signing & Security - Reuse Private Key. When you then request your certificate again the privkey.pem file will be saved under C:\ProgramData\Certify\assets<primary_domain_name>\privkey.pem and you can take that file and use it for other things. You may then be able to create a CSR using that file (using open ssl etc) but I’ve not idea if that will be useful for your appliance.

You mentioned a custom CSR, usually that means the appliance has given you a file to download and you then use that in Certify, that way the private key stays on the appliance.

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Thank you, @webprofusion . I realize that what I’m asking for is likely a bit of “overkill”, but I was trying to implement a single, consistent process across all of my devices. The “custom CSR” to which I referred is actually something I was generating through my own application, but it was causing validation errors with one of my endpoints when trying to import the PFX file. I’ve switched back to using the automatically generated CSR/Key and everything is working normally again.

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