Export/Import Managed Certificate Settings For Move To New Installation

So, I finally got approval to actually purchase proper licensing for the Certify The Web application. I went ahead and opted for the Professional license so that I can distribute my installations to hopefully make things easier in the long term. However, I would like to migrate a couple of the Managed Certificates from the server on which I initially set everything up over to a different server to avoid some of the VPN and other networking “gotchas” I’ve had to work around until now.

I noticed that import/export features were listed as being planned for the 5.x timeline in the beta announcement back in April 2020, but I was wondering if there’s any current timeline for implementation.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just found the Import/Export Migration Tool option under the Experimental Features in Settings. I’ll play with that and see if I have any additional questions. Thanks so much!

Thanks, the the import/export will only do all or nothing, it doesn’t have a filter for you to only transfer specific items. In general if you are only setting up a couple of things I’d just suggest adding the managed certificate again on the new server, rather than trying to perform the full export/import.