Exporting a cert for mail server to a folder

Everything is working (that’s the good news) Except for :laughing: I would like to automate the export of a renewed cert to the SmarterMail folder. Things just got hosed and I learned the cert was being updated but SmarterMail checks a folder and that file was not being updated so that cert expired.

If I export it “by hand” I can enter the Let’s Encrypt password but the automated script using CTW didn’t seem to work. Can that be made to work similarly?

Hi Tom,

By default the PFX generated by the app has a blank password, so I don’t know if SmarterMail lets you configure a PFX with blank password, if it does then just don’t set one.

If you need to set a password, click on your managed certificate in Certify The Web, go to the Certificate tab > Signing & Security and at the bottom under Security you can select and existing password or add new one, then click Save.

The password will be applied if you fetch the certificate again (Actions > Re-fetch Latest Certificate). You can then manually copy that refreshed certificate over to smartermail.

Do you have a Deployment Task to copy the cert over to SmarterMail normally? Normally the Export Certificate task would be the ideal one for just copying the certificate to where you need it automatically upon renewal, You may then need a task to restart SmarterMail, assuming it needs restarted to pick up the latest cert.

I appreciate the detailed instructions. I tried to add a new “password credential” of type “Password” assuming I key in the Let’s Encrypt password. I save it, I see it as selected in the security dropdown. I have an export cert task and I tried to re-fetch.

The log says Validation of the required challenges did not complete successfully. [mail.leylan.com] : and I tried it twice.

Thanks Tom, please send your log file through to support at certifytheweb.com so I can review it.

Just now emailed it with a bit of a recap of the issues, thanks.

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