Facing issue while generating certificate

Recieving this error while testing the DNS via http-01 challenge type-Could not verify URL is accessible: http://abc.azure.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/configcheck

My application on server running on- localhost:443
DNS:abc.azure.com(just an example for this post)

So I think there is some confusion here, you mentioned DNS and http-01 at the same time. There are two ways to validate your domain with ACME (Let’s Encrypt etc):

  • Http Validation (your server presents a challenge response via public http)
  • DNS validation (you set a particular TXT record in your DNS as a challenge response)

If you are working locally you can’t use http challenges, unless your local machine is accessible via http on the internet (Let’s Encrypt need to query your server from where they are).

DNS validation will allow you to get a certificate as long as you either are using a supported DNS provider (for automated DNS updates) or you use Certify DNS (CNAME delegation to a challenge response service).

Hi @webprofusion Thanks for the response… got your point.
My Application is accessible via http on the Internet .Do I have to open port 80 for http validation.

Attached log file:

Yes, for http validation to work the machine running certify must be accessible over tcp port 80 (e.g. http, not just https), and it must be this machine which answers when Let’s Encrypt tries to access http://yourdomain.com, this can be via port forwarding on a router (for instance). You don’t actually have to have IIS configured on port 80 etc, Certify The Web will start it’s own port 80 listener for the http challenges during validation.

If http validation is at all complicated then DNS validation is the next solution.