Fail to deploy cert to HCP Vault

I have tried the task to deploy certificate to HashiCrop Cloud (HCP) version of Vault. It doesn’t work. I think it’s related to HCP vault uses namespace “admin” by default.

Is there undergoing development work to fix the issue and make Certify works with HCP Vault ?

You’re the first person to report a problem with the Hashicorp vault deployment task so I’m guessing you could be the first to use ti with the cloud version rather than a locally hosted version (which is what this was built with). Note that you can of course use a Powershell scripting task etc to run your own commands rather than relying on our built-in task.

Here’s the code that runs to push a cert to a vault:

It looks like we can either modify the task to allow you to specify an optional namespace which we then pass an http header, or the simplest/quickest alternative is you can specify the vault secret path with the namespace as a prefix e.g. instead of /secret/data/mycert you could use /namespace/secret/data/mycert