False failure notifications


We are testing the program and tested it out on a website. It was working for few days however it started to send us failure notifications like below:

Certify SSL Manager - Renewal Failure Notice - SmarterMail

The SSL Certificate renewal has failed 14 times for the managed site SmarterMail on server GL-> WIN01. Please either check the configuration of this site or disable Auto Renew for this >
managed site in the Certify SSL Manager app on your web server.

The first time we checked this and there was no issue on the renewal of certificate and even the log files were clean. We thought it was a one time mistake of the program however we keep receiving this notification but the certificate doesn’t have any problem.

We doubled checked on program and all tests were okay.

Where does this Failure Notification is coming from?

Hi are you using v4.0.8 currently? The failure notifications are sent by the app when a renewal attempts fails, but your certificate will keep working until it actually expires (90 days after it was first created).

You need to check the log file within the app to review the reasons for the failure. It is possible to have false positives but the likelihood is that there is a configuration change that’s now blocking the renewal.

Yes we are using the latest version.
We are already checked the log. That’s the weird part. there is no failure log in the logs of the program itself yet we are still getting failure notifications to our email.

Also the certificate is renewed recently and we tried manually renewing through the program and it worked again.

I think there is something wrong with email notifications of certify the web.

Sounds like you there’s something very unusual here. Are you sure there are no clones of the machine running or other installs perhaps on a dev machine? If it’s renewing OK then it just wouldn’t send you a renewal failure message, unless there’s actually a bug I’m not aware of. If you’re sure there’s no other copy installed on another machine somewhere then I’ll investigate further at our end.