FAQ: Action Required (Let's Encrypt Revoked Certificates)

If you have received an email from Let’s Encrypt informing you of the need to urgently renew your certificates:

  • If only some certs are affected using the UI to go to the specific managed certificate and click ‘Request Certificate’ to renew.
  • If many certs are affected:
    • Users of v4.1.8 onwards can Ctrl+Click Renew All to force renewal of all managed certificated.
    • Users of v4.1.7 and lower can change the renewal interval days under Settings to 1, the hit Renew All, then set the renewal interval back to at least 30 days.

This thread will be updated if any updates are released for Certify The Web which help with this process.

Before attempting to renew your certificates, first check a sample of your domains using the following tool:

If your domains are not affected (their certificates have renewed since the problem was fixed by Let’s Encrypt) then there is no further action required.

A new release v4.1.8 is now available for download. Users can Ctrl+Click on Renew All to force renewal even for certificates which are not yet due for renewal.