Getting 404 forbidden error when writing to /.well-known

I see that the file begins to write in that folder, but then deletes. Then gives a 404 error that it is forbidden from writing. If it can create the file then obviously it should be able to have access.

I now am getting an API error, saying that too may attempts have been made. How do I clear both issues?

Hi Ray,

The validation process by default uses an http challenge server process instead of IIS, so although the files may be being created in the folder in most cases they aren’t used, unless port 80 is busy with something that’s not IIS (like apache or nginx).

Too many attempts is unusual but that limit is set by the certificate authority, which by default is Let’s Encrypt Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt

Start by getting http (over tcp port 80) to work on your server, then use the “Test” button to check that it resolves OK. Our test should check both via our (certifytheweb) API and resolving locally (from your own machine). You can also try

The key thing with http validation is to have port 80 open at both the windows firewall and any cloud networking control panel/router that applies to your machine. Also make sure that the public IP of your domain really does point to the server that’s running Ceritfy. does not indicate an issue. Neither does the “Test” button indicate any issue. The only thing that fails is the certificate routine.

Ok, please share your log file for the managed certificate that’s not working.

OK found the issue. DNS was pointing was off. It happened to be hitting another port 80 site. So the initial checks and tests were successful but not the final writing.

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Great, so it wasn’t a permission problem writing to the file, the 404 error was just the certificate authority telling you it couldn’t find the challenge response on the server at that domain (an http 404 not found error). The “unauthorized” part is their way of saying the domain was not validated,