GoDaddy DNS API not working for SLD

I’m having a bit of trouble with the GoDaddy DNS API

It’s okay with TLD like .c o m, .n e t, .o r g, etc.

But as soon as I use a SLD like c o.u k, o r g.u k it always fails with this type of message:

GoDaddy DNS API :: Could not add dns record _acme-challenge-test.example to zone Result: Forbidden - {“code”: Access_Denied",message":“Authenticated user is not allowed access”}

My domain match and zone-id are set correctly but I’m assuming because its trying to add to to the zone CO .UK which isn’t correct this is why its failing.

I’m currently using a custom script but it would be nice to just rely on the API.

Note: TLD spacing is delebrate as the forum won’t allow more than two URL

Thanks, can you email through full details and a log file to support {at} I assume you’re not actually trying to get a cert for the ‘’ domain.

Hi @webprofusion,

Jo public can never own as it’s a Nominet registry SLD. Many companies use it i.e. google[dot]co[dot]uk, yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk etc.

I’ve sent over logs and screenshots (as test doesn’t send the error to log) showing Godaddy API TLD (working) and SLD (failing).

Thanks for the logs I’ll check them out, been a bit swamped with support stuff recently but we’ll get there!

I can confirm this a bug, caused by incorrect domain name traversal. Most of our other providers match on a zone id (usually a domain or identifier), this one (and the SimpleDNS provider) uses the alternative method of trying to match the zone by finding the zone with the most specific match for the domain. Unfortunately the logic is wrong. Fix in next update.

Oh and thanks for the excellent testing you provided in your email, the level of detail was exactly what I needed.