I have two domains, two exchange servers on different networks, two Certify the web installations. Both were working perfectly with the godaddy API. On one domain I am now getting failures stating:

Failed [GoDaddy DNS API]: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: oldValue

Both configurations are identical and nothing has changed on the one that is now failing.

I have called Godaddy without any luck at all.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction please? I have 33 days left before wildcard expiration.



Hi Mark,

Nothing has changed in the Certify app either, so I think you need to confirm your API credentials are correct under Settings in the app, then if the problem persists you need to raise the support ticket with GoDaddy. Our code does not mention a ‘oldValue’ parameter, which suggests they have changed their API? Googling ‘old value’ and GoDaddy suggests that perhaps there is some sort of legacy feature called ‘Old Value’