Godaddy dns Challenge issue

Hi. I have tried setting up a wildcard certificate with DNS challenge for my domain, hosted on GoDaddy dns. I have successfully obtained an api key for GoDaddy, and used the credentials in the Authorization settings. It is populating my domain name into the Zone ID section, so I assume the api key is working ok. When I do a test it is returning an error

BlockquoteGoDaddy DNS API :: Could not add dns record _acme-challenge-test to zone “mydomainhere” Result: 422 - {“code”:“INVALID_BODY”,“fields”:[{“code”:“MISMATCH_FORMAT”,“message”:“does not conform to the ‘domain’ format, based on pattern: /^[^.]{1,63}(\.[^.]{1,63})+$/”,“path”:“path.domain”}],“message”:"Request body doesn’t fulfill schema, see details in fields"}

My domain is a subdomain of and I’m wondering if its a non standard domain name issue. I have changed it to manual and successfully added the TXT fields to my dns zone and got it working that way, but i would like it to be able to work automatically. Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

You should be able to pick your domain as a zone from the Zone dropdown list rather than having to enter it manually, but from the message I’d guess you have entered ‘*.yourdomain’ instead of ‘yourdomain’ into the zone text box? If not then it’s possible you need to contact goDaddy support and ask them as perhaps they don’t allow automated updates to ?

no it let me choose from a populated list so it looks like the api lookup is working, but maybe it doesn’t allow writes as you say.

Thanks, so assuming the zone in godaddy is correct (i.e. it’s then yes I’d check your API credentials have permission and chase it up with GoDaddy support. No complaints for other users currently and our GoDaddy API implementation has been around for a good while.

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