GoDaddy DNS validation fails with off-site domain


I managed to do DNS validation for serveral .com domains, but one with .fi wasn’t successful. This one is also defined as off-site domain in GoDaddy DNS service. Godaddy API can create a TXT record successfully, but reading the TXT record fails. Here are screen shots how it looks.

Any kind of advice appreciated. Thanks


Without knowing you real domain I can’t diagnose anything but if your DNS (all authoritative name servers for that domain) have the correct TXT record in place when Let’s Encrypt looks for it then it should work OK.

It appears from your DNS control panel screenshot that it created the TXT record OK and that validation failed when Let’s Encrypt tried to check your domains DNS server.

This can either be because not all the name servers involved had time to propagate the change however as you have flagged the 'off-site’nature of the domain I suspect that’s related somehow.

If you would like me to investigate more please email support at with your domain details.

I’ve responded to your email now. You will need to check your domain is using the correct DNS name servers.

Hi @webprofusion ,
I am facing exact the same issue above. What is the solution for this? Can you please advise?

Thank you for your support,

Hi, are you sure your zoneid is correct in the authorisation settings? If so can you describe the problem you’re seeing and which domain it’s for?