GoDaddy website installation

Is there any tutorial or similar regarding how to install certificates right into a GoDaddy hosted web site?

Hi, no that’s specific to GoDaddy hosting itself, maybe check out

I don’t have a GoDaddy hosted site and only did some simple searches, but check out this tutorial/script and see if it fits your environment.

You have to do some pre-requisite steps such as using cPanel to generate SSH keys to login with, but it worked on my shared hosting site with jailed shell access. (no root)

Once it was set up, it created its own cron job, uses cPanel API to replace the certificates and requires no manual intervention to renew every 60 days.

I think it has a limitation to one domain per certificate, however. It uses a 1:1 relationship between the sites it updates with cPanel and the certificates it gets from LetsEncrypt.


Thanks a lot for the guide, @jljtgr ! I will check it out and see if I can get it to work on GoDaddy.