HELP! MDaemon Let's Encrypt replaced with this?!?

Wow, talk about a huuuuge change in MDaemon. I’m told to use Certify the Web in place of Let’s Encrypt and wow, could this be any more difficult. I get the Certificate part but the Authorization page is impossible. I own the domain but cannot for the life of me figure out DNS or HTTP auth. Using IIS on port 80, no dice. Am I supposed to allow WRITE access to a server folder?!? DNS TXT on easyDNS but where is the darn token and key?!? found a beta website on the posh acme, gee that doesn’t do any good. Where is the token and key?!?

Gentlemen, I’m incredibly tired so I’m off to bed but this does not make any sense. Please translate how this is supposed to be completed, thank you.

Hi, what’s MDaemon?

It sounds like you are new to using Let’s Encrypt to request your certificate. HTTP validation (the default) is usually the easiest method and is most often fully automatic. I’d need to read up on what MDaemon is and what instructions they normally provide for configuring certificates to provide more help, so please do link to what you already have.

Http Validation normally works by starting our own temporary http listener on port 80, responding to the domain validation request from Let’s Encrypt. Sometime this approach can’t be used if you have your own (non IIS) web server, so you need to point it to the website root path so it can write the files as text.

If you instead need to use DNS validation, this involves automatically setting a TXT record in your DNS and if you are using EasyDNS then you will be going via our Posh-ACME provider. For the instructions (EasyDNS - Posh-ACME) it sounds like you need to email the easy dns support team to get your API token set up. This token and key will be created in your Easy DNS account. There are literally thousands of possible DNS providers, so we only support some. The easiest to use are things like Cloudflare.

I understand your frustration as there is quite a lot to learn and potential for confusion, however we are not a certificate authority and we don’t make any of these rules, we just provide software to help make it happen.

The more information you can provide about what you’ve been told and what you are trying to do then more we can write a guide to help other MDaemon users.

It’s not unusual for software vendors to change something and recommend our product but they don’t tell us they’re going to do that in advance.

Actually it was quite painless, just required a good nap. I have IIS on the server and I used to have to turn that off in order for Lets Encrypt to renew as it would conflict with MDaemon. Now I just left it alone and it renewed seamlessly. Thanks for your patience.

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