HMailServer automatic renewals?

A question for the developer:

Does the new version have automatic renewal for hMailServer?
(When is the new version coming?)

Hi, we won’t have specific support for hmailserver but there will be generic certificate export which will work with that product. The release has been pushed back to early 2020, likely Feb-March.

Hi, thank you for the news. Does the certificate export facilitate the renewal of a certificate for such products like hMailServer? I mean, will there still be a need for scripts in order to automate renewal?

hMailServer should only need to be restarted as a basic way of using the newly exported certificate files. I guess I’m also interested if Certify will have the ability to restart an arbitrary Windows service instead of using NET STOP/NET START etc in a script.

HI, the functionality isn’t final and there will be a beta release phase but yes I’d like simple exports/service restarts to be possible without scripting.

I made this script
You only need to modify the paths and restart hmailserver instead of apache.