How to find PEM pass phrase on certifytheweb?

Hello there,
I want to convert pfx to cert & key formats and I know the import password is blank but how to find PEM pass phrase on certifytheweb?

Hi, the default password is blank but you can set it to something specific under Certificate > Advanced > Signing and Security.

I assume you are using the Export Certificate deployment task to convert the PFX to the file you need? There is also the Generic Server task and specific tasks for apache etc.

Note also that are documentation is searchable:

Thanks, I’m using Open SSL, when I enter blank for PEM pass phrase, it says: You must type in 4 to 511 characters

It sounds like you are create a private key, not converting from pfx? Can you provide an example script?

I’d recommend you use the built in Certificate Export deployment task if you can.

I tried export task but it gives me an error: fail to copy, access denied!
I’m using local as current service user for auth. I tried changing to specific user but I can’t trust and enter my username - password.

The problem is gone. Thank you.