How to install Certify

Hi everybody, please, I need to know How can i do to use sending mail working with a Web Application (hmailserver on Windows Server 2016) .
The Application Java work with Glassfish Server.


To install the application you only need to download and run the setup from

To configure it for your services depends on each service and you can generally follow the documentation of each product. If you search this forum you may find answers relating to hmail server.

In general for non-windows specific apps you can use the “Deploy to Generic Server” option which converts the certificate into it’s component files commonly used by services. There is also the Export Certificate task which can create specific files if you need then. Generally you will also want to restart the service after you have applied the new certificate.

Certificates generally consist of the ‘public certificate’ file, a ‘private key’ file and a ‘chain’ file, sometimes the public cert and the chain file are combined into a ‘full chain’ file (which is your certificate plus all the intermediate ones used by the certificate authority). By default we produce a PFX file (and we automatically deploy to IIS etc if that’s present on the machine) but you can export the certificate in many different ways (Deployment Tasks | Certify The Web Docs)