How to transfer cert from old to new server

I have replaced an Exchange 2016 server with a new Exchange 2019 server and then installed a new instance of Certify The Web on it. How do I request the certificate that was on the old server to install on the new one or do I just request a total new certificate?

Hi, if DNS is now pointing to your new server (so the name will resolve to the correct IP address) then you can go ahead and set it up as a new managed certificate in the app on the new server.

If DNS is still pointing to the old server then the default http validation won’t work and you have the option of using DNS validation (which you may already be using) on the Authorization step.

Another method is to export the old certificate from the old computers certificates store, import it and set it up manually to get everything working, then switch over DNS and proceed with setting up the automated renewal as normal.

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