I get a different SHA256 for a downloaded copy of Certify v4.0.8

On the productpage, under the download link, it says:
“File SHA256 as generated by certutil -hashfile SHA256: 62583a92b08d12c3a7167fd42c4c7dc085bed41136dfb781c89959995178297a”

But when I check the SHA256 it’s different from that.
Is the SHA256 shown on the download section for a older version?

certutil -hashfile CertifyTheWebSetup.exe sha256
SHA256 hash of CertifyTheWebSetup.exe:
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

Thanks! Yes, that was the hash for the previous version and just wasn’t updated on the website (fixing that now) - the correct hash is 347fe86700346cb1ebe38ca67d296eb18e236af43056e32fb874ef7b8b2d6591