Import a CSR into Certify

Not sure if this can be done, but I’m trying to keep all of my LE certificates in Certify as it keeps everything up to date, nice and neat, but I have a device that requires that I use their CSR mechanism to be able to import a 3rd party CA certificate. How do I import a CSR into Certify so that it can obtain the appropriate certificate?

HI, this is not currently possible in the current version of the app. Do you know what server product is generating the CSR (or what standard defaults it uses for key type and length)? To generate the final certificate you also need to have the original private key used to sign the CSR.

Honestly, no idea, it is a POS Netgear “Smart” switch, they implemented HTTPS so badly, that it’s almost impossible to use anything but a internally generated self-signed certificate.

One alternative is to put another http server in front of the switch ( so that external traffic connections to the http proxy first) then just user the self-signed cert on the switch to talk to the proxy. You can also use Cloudflare as a cloud proxy and it will present a valid certificate for your domain, then you can proxy back to the switch (I think, not sure if they talk to self-signed certificates or not).