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Hello, I’ve successfully used basic certify importcsv .csv files. I’m now experimenting with including the PostRequestPowerShellScript option. So, for example, my .csv file might look like:


Running certify importcsv results in the site showing up in the list of Managed Certificates. However, the post request script does NOT show up as a Deployment Task.

Is there something missing in my .csv file, or am I missing a step?

Appreciate any help!



Hi Tony, that’s a great point, this is a regression in 5.x and you’re the first person to notice!

We migrate old references to PostRequestPowerShellScript to deployment tasks on service startup and currently there is no other way to force this migration - the intention was that it would be a one time migration but clearly the CSV import is one way you could continue to create script tasks the old way.

So for now you’d have to restart the Certify background service to migrate, I’ll have a look at the CSV import code and get a migration built into the CSV import instead for the next release.

Man, I was wracking my brain on this one. It seemed straightforward but kept wondering what I was overlooking.

I’m trying to automate sharing of certs across servers so that’s where the post request script comes in handy.

Very much appreciate if you can manage to get this in the next release.

Thank you!


Export to CCS is the simplest/best deployment task for sharing certs to a windows share etc but you can’t use that in the ImportCSV. There is working going on to add an API you can call to create/manage items but it’s not expected for a while yet.

I’m managing certs for 100s of domains (not all on the same network) so automation is key. May just downgrade to a 4.x version to restore PostRequestPowerShellScript option until 5.x has this again.

Good to hear about the API in development–that would be great down the road.

Hi, downgrading is not supported (incompatible settings), so I don’t recommend that. I’ll get an update out today with a fix for the script migration.

Version 5.3.5 has now been released with a fix for script migration.

Thank you for expediting this–much appreciated.

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