Install new certificate via script

Hallo, on my servers we are creating webhostings on IIS via PS scripting. It creates pools, websites, shared directories, domain bindings, everything needed. Only thing we are doinng manually is HTTPS in software CertifyTheWeb. We do not want to develop our own solution for Certificates, because we like reliability of CertifyTheWeb.
So only question is how programatically (PS or C# or even CLI is OK) add new managed certificate for webhosting, instead of clicking through the GUI. We need something as possibility to call “InstallNewCertificate(websiteName, listOfDomains)”…
Can you help please?

Currently there is no API to add managed certificates but it is planned. You can instead use the CSV import command line option

With that approach you can import one managed certificate (or multiple) the call certify renew to fetch and apply the certificates. A number of customers use this approach even though it does have limitations - it doesn’t support all of the possible options you can use from the UI.

Thank you very much, we will go that way…

Incidentally I’m working on the API as we speak, so if you have any specific feature requests let me know.