Is it possible to determine the Let Encrypt account ID associated with the Certificate Authority account?


With the recent Let’s Encrypt announcement regarding TLS-ALPN-01 challenges, some of us may have received an email to a contact alias regard the need to re-issue some certs. The Account ID outline in the email is a number ID, but I can’t find out how to retrieve this in the Certify GUI. Is it possible to extract this info? If you have several Certify clients, I believe there will be different account registrations.



Certify doesn’t support the TLS-ALPN-01 challenge, so none of your certificates using Certify The Web will be affected.

There actually isn’t an easy way to see your Let’s Encrypt account ID in Certify The Web because we encrypt the whole thing, but if you look at a recent log file you will see the latest Order URL for your certificate and the first ID number in that URL is your LE account ID.

e.g. order url:

becomes account url:

The next release of the app will include a CLI option to list ACME accounts (full details).

Thanks, but also interesting. I don’t believe I have used any other client yet I still received a ping from Let’s Encrypt stating there was a miss issueed cert.

They do have a gzipped list of domains you can download so perhaps you could check your domains there? Or if you have used any hosted services that might have acquired a certificate on your behalf? We have definitely never supported TLS-ALPN-01 but win-acme (for example) does, as do things like Caddy.