Is there an in-place upgrade from community to starter edition?

Hi, is it possible to do in-place upgrade from free community edition to starter?

We want to get the fail notifications and ensure we stay up to date.


Hi, yes you can register for a license key then enter the key on the About tab. I see you have since purchased a license key then requested a refund, which has now been initiated.

I’d recommend taking your time while using the app and trying out it’s features, this is the first time in 4 years that anyone has contacted us to say they didn’t know where to enter the license key. We will update our FAQ as required in response to your feedback.

Yes, I tried but there’s no facility on the about tab to enter anything?

Maybe I’m supposed to have rebooted after applying the update that was notified?

Thanks for including the screenshot. There should be a strip of buttons on the right hand side.

I’ve never see those disappear, is your window size just larger that the width of your display?