Issue with Azure DNS and 100+ DNS Zones

So we have a few certify setups and all has been working well, we 1 had fail the other day, and it will not renew, test comes back with successful but no zones found, the App registration is all fine and if set at a parent level in azure can see all the records on page 1 (100 per page), but refuses to see anything on page 2 (114 DNS zones in total and the failing one is on the 2nd page (upon further checks we have 2 zones on the 2nd page and both are failing)

Is there a limit within certify where it cannot see more than 100 domains (we set app registrations per domain, so the only thing I can think of is somewhere something is broken and cannot see the domains on page 2 (101+)

Hi, that sounds possible but currently we don’t limit anything so it’s likely that the azure rest ask does. I can investigate this later in the week (away from computer) but in the meantime if you can find out your zoneid you could enter it manually instead of selecting it from the list.


Looking at the rest API ( is it the $top variable causing issues (where by the azure end is not behaving as expected) If you need logs or anything from our setup let me know and I’ll gather them up for you.

Thanks, can you try out this modified Azure provider (top parameter set to 2000 results instead of the default 100):

You’d need to download it, extract the dll file and replace the existing copy under C:\Program Files\CertifyTheWeb\Plugins

If that works OK it’ll be included as part of the next update.


With the updated dll I get

Test Failed: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Bad Request’

when running the test on the stored credentials.

Thanks, they don’t seem to mention a max value for top in the docs but I suspect there is one, I have updated the zip with a new version that just tries to get up to 999 results. My own azure zone isn’t setup at the moment.

Good news…

All working as expected again on the 999 results dll.

Thank you so much for getting this sorted out so fast.



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Thanks for testing it Mike, after further investigation the (unofficial?) hard limit is 1000 zones, so we’ll leave it at 999, really we need to change the API we’re using and use result set paging instead.