Issue with Let's Encrypt where I have reached a limit for domain names within the V3 certificate

Hi All,

I am getting the error of reaching the limit for domain names within the V3 certificate.

I currently have 99 domains on this site.

Is this a temporary issue? like will the limit renew after some time or would there be any action required from my end?

Thank you


Let’s encrypt (the default certificate authority support a maximum of 100 names on a certificate, this is because there is a data size limit for certificates.

The best way to have a site with multiple domains is to have one cert per domain, that way you can have as many as you want.

Thank you for your response, my sites are hosted on IIS manager.

there’s a site V3 that has these 99 domains, and CertifyTheWeb generates a common certificate for this site. so is there a way in which I don’t have to separate these domains from this site?

You would click New Certificate, select your IIS site, under Domains just select the domain you actually want to include on the new certificate (for instance one or more domains, rather than all of them), then click Request Certificate to acquire a certificate and apply it to the https bindings for that website.

I would recommend testing with a different webserver so you can get comfortable with managing certificates in different ways.

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Sure, Thank you for the help.