Join the v4 alpha/beta testing!

We are currently running a pre-release evaluation and testing of our upcoming version of Certify The Web (v4).

This version will include:

  • A Redesigned User Interface
  • New status info and preview tabs
  • Let’s Encrypt v2 API including wildcard domain support (using the Certes library)
  • All 64-bit
  • DNS validation (Cloudflare, Azure, AWS Route53, vote for other options)
  • Stored credentials: manage protected DNS api credentials for auto renewals
  • New certificate deployment options
  • Preset example scripts for Exchange etc

You can find out more here:

I would like to vote for DNSMadeEasy. Where can I cast my vote? :slight_smile:

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You just did! Thanks.

I would like to vote for

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I’d like to vote for Rackpace which has an API; Having support for them, or the manual option, would allow us to use wildcard certificates. Are you accepting pull requests for new DNS providers?

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@davecanderson thanks, yes we are accepting pull requests. Our current DNS providers can be found here: and the main requirements are that the code is yours (or is MIT licensed and copied with permission) and that it has minimal dependencies (Azure and AWS both have NuGet packages, but we don’t want more if we can avoid it).

The DNS provider just needs to implement the IDnsProvider interface. The general operations an API has to implement are creating TXT a record, deleting a TXT record and listing zones.

Work has started on the scripting option (run your own script to create/delete records) and will be followed by a manual options (generally only useful if you’re managing a handful of domains).

I would like to vote for NameSilo (API).

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I would like to vote for namecheap,

By the way, Namecheap’s api have some requirements on the account (spent >$50 / has 20+ domains etc.), so it may only benifit larger organizations.

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