Let's encrypt renewal stopped working with Simply.com

Have had three certificates working fine, but the other day all three returned with

Powershell/PoshACME DNS :: Error: Unable to connect to the remote server at Get-SimplyTXTRecord, C:\Program Files\CertifyTheWeb\Scripts\DNS\PoshACME\Plugins\Simply.ps1: line 225
at Add-DnsTxt, C:\Program Files\CertifyTheWeb\Scripts\DNS\PoshACME\Plugins\Simply.ps1: line 29
at <ScriptBlock>, <No file>: line 33

I’ve looked at the script and https://api.simply.com/2/ is up-and-running, so I’m a bit lost as to what the issue is. Anyone experienced this?


Checking their endpoint using Qualsys it looks like they have pretty strict TLS and they only support TLS 1.2:

This could affect communication if your server doesn’t have TLS1.2 enabled (or if a common cipher can’t be found). I’d only expect to see that on Server 2012 or lower though, which version of Windows are you using?

Looks like you got this fixed, never heard of Portmaster before but yes, firewall tools will block outgoing https as well as incoming. PoshACME\Simply.ps1 stopped working · Issue #480 · rmbolger/Posh-ACME · GitHub