Looking for Microsoft DNS Testers


I am working on a Microsoft DNS validation provider that works via WMI. While I have one local web server with a DNS server, I don’t have a domain to test remotely on and am looking for anyone who has a Microsoft DNS environment that is willing to work with me on testing out a native WMI provider to make sure it is working properly. If you are a developer, feel free to take a look at my fork on github (AJH16).


This provider has been integrated into the latest beta (4.1.0 beta 2), though there are actually a few features missing that hadn’t been fetched from my dev box when I did the pull request. They should hopefully be in the next Beta build.

The current beta will work as long as you are using WinRM for remote management and have a domain in the form domainname.tld, you’ll also have to make sure to pick a valid Authentication provider. The next release should add support for any TLD configuration and allow choosing between WinRM and DCOM/WMI for DNS server connection (it’s sitting in a pull request that I just made, so should probably be in pretty quick)


One little gotcha I noticed about the configuration. If your DNS server is local, you need to not use any username or password and use . for the server IP. You also need to make sure that the user that the Certify service is running under (local system by default) has permission to make updates to the DNS server or it will fail. If you are connecting to a remote server, then you can use login credentials just fine and don’t need to do anything special with the service user’s permissions.

For DCOM I’ve found that in my use cases, Default has worked best for the Authentication type.