Managed Certificate failing

I have a Registered Version of Certify… I received an error email today so I checked the server and found that two Managed Certificates were failing. Each go to the same site; I had to create two because of difference URL’s.

GoDaddy DNS API :: Could not add dns record _acme-challenge.www to zone Result: 422 - {“code”:“DUPLICATE_RECORD”,“fields”:[{“code”:“DUPLICATE_RECORD”,“message”:“TXT record name [_acme-challenge.www] conflicts with another record.”,“path”:“records”}],“message”:“Another record with the same attributes already exists”,“errors”:[“Record conflicts with the existing zone records.”]}

Can you suggest what to do to fix this?

Hi Steve, users with a license key can email support {at} to get help but I’ll try to answer your query here.

Occasionally it’s possible for DNS updates via the GoDaddy API to not be cleaned up properly during a renewal, to fix this go to your GoDaddy DNS control panel and delete any _acme-challenge.* TXT records for these domains (these are temporary records anyway). You can then click ‘Request Certificate’ in certify to renew the certificate.

I’ll check whether our GoDaddy API needs any updates to handle this better.

Worked… thanks very much for your help…

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