Manual start deployment task after error


when one of the deployment tasks failed after certificate renewal, I can no longer run deployment tasks manually. When a deployment task has failed, it sets the status of the certificate to failed blocking all scripts.

Logfile entry when starting script manually:

2020-08-05 11:03:52.274 +02:00 [INF] Task [CTW-CopyCert2Queue] :: Task is enabled but will not run because primary request unsuccessful.

The GUI however shows a popup telling the deployment script ran without errors.

Thanks, you can edit your deployment task to also be able to run on any request status - the default is On Success. Technically (pedantically?) as the task is configured to specifically only run on success then having it return a non-failed results when asked to run is correct, because it has correctly decided not to run. That’s confusing, I know, perhaps the play button should force it to run regardless of the task configuration…

I mostly agree. I realized rather quickly that’s what was happening when I ran into it, but in the back of my mind I also thought that maybe it should have just done it anyways if I was manually pressing a button to do it. It seemed more counter-intuitive than confusing. Manually changing it to run anyways, pressing the button and changing it back seemed backwards in comparison.

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Ah, so manual start honors the “run task even if previous task step failed” setting? I assumed this was only checked during normal execution, never really thought about turning it on for manual start.

Maybe you could add a dialog, asking to continue running a task manually when the request status is not succesfull?

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Oh, I meant Trigger, not “run task even…”.

I’m going to update it in the next version so that it confirms if you want to force the task to run.

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Even after allowing the script to run on success and error, it still didn’t work as expected. The script is started but my code checks $result.IsSuccess, which is set to false since last full run failed, so nothing gets executed…

How about a ‘reset status’ button on the main tab? After fixing any problems after last run, you can then start any deployment scripts without having to do a full renewal.

Possibly in the future, but currently we’ll stick to only considering the current status as ‘Success’ if the last request was successful, just to keep it simple.

See Version 5.1.0 (Release Candidate) testing for the next proposed release for testing.