Multiple IIS sites with single wildcard certificate

I have a scenario that I don’t think is supported, but I figured I would ask.

I have a server on which I have around 50 separate sites in IIS that use the same wildcard certificate. An example of a few domains might be:

What I would like to do is use Certify to somehow install and renew the certificate in IIS but make sure that the binding for each separate site is updated every time the certificate is renewed.

I see that I can install a wildcard certificate for a single site using Certify, but is there any way to share the wildcard certificate with other sites?


HI John,
The ‘Auto’ and ‘All Site’ deployments mode will perform the type of multi-site binding update your asking for. Set up a new Managed Certificate with a wildcard then Check the ‘Preview’ tab to see how it would be applied to bindings.

Thanks for the feedback. I found the settings and was able to get it to work as I had hoped it would.

I read through the docs before I posted here and there was no mention of these settings. I assume the docs are a work in progress, but it would be helpful to have some of this documented there. It was the first place I looked.

Regardless, great job on the app in general. It has become an essential app for us and I am very impressed by the development progress you have made.

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