Multiple Servers and Powershell

i have two servers. One hardware and a second one as a virtual machine on it.

I have certify working on the exchange and opened the port redirection to it.

Now i want to use the cert for my QuickSessions RDP Connection: Create a Remote Desktop Services collection | Microsoft Docs

But it isn’t possible, because the RDP is working on SERVER 1. Server 2 is the exchange with port 443 and 80 forwarded. So is it possible to export the cert from Server2 into Server1 and use powershelgl to connect the certificate to IIS and the used RDP services?

The app has a range of Deployment Tasks (see the Tasks tab) which you may be able to use Deployment Tasks | Certify The Web Docs either to just copy the certificate PFX somewhere then pick it up using a scheduled task on the other machine, or perhaps using the windows CCS (central certificate store) features.

The method we primarily support is for you to run Certify The Web on each machine that needs certificates, that way each machine is in control of it’s own certificate renewals (and you can use Tasks locally rather than trying to get user impersonation to work, which doesn’t work well across multiple processes). You may need to use DNS validation instead of http validation if the machine/services you need a cert for are not public webservers or on the public network etc.