New and Interested in Upgrading!

I am considering a v4.0 purchase because Certify has greatly helped me secure my site. I like the wildcard domain support v4.0 offers. I have questions, though:

  1. There’s been mention about a paid DNS service that’s required before I can start using wildcard SSL, but I don’t yet understand. Can someone explain to me what these mentions are talking about?

  2. Should I revoke my other certificates before installing the wildcard?

  3. On the GoDaddy support page ( it says I have to choose “Cloudflare DNS as the provider type.” Is that typo?

Thanks for your questions:

  • v4 is free up to 10 managed certificates (v3 was up to 5) so you only need to purchase a key if you either want to or you need a lot of certificates managed.
  • Wildcard domain certificates are optional but a useful way to create one certificate that applies to many subdomains, currently Let’s Encrypt requires DNS validation which is a process whereby a TXT record is created in your DNS zone in order to prove you control that domain. Automation via a DNS API makes this process easier and repeatable (Azure, Cloudflare, GoDaddy etc all have APIs), otherwise you can do it manually. If you can find a free DNS service with an API please let us know, however most paid DNS services are quite low cost and I believe Cloudflare has a free tier.
  • You generally don’t need to revoke any certificates unless you believe the certificate private key has bee compromised (i.e. someone else has gained access to it). You can many active certificates for a domain.
  • Yes, the godaddy instructions sounds like a typo to me! thanks for pointing it out

Hi, you say in this post v4 is free up to 10 is this correct as both the App and Register url say 5.


Hi, docs etc just need updating and there are still many V3 users with no intention of upgrading. You’ll get a nagging message earlier in v4 but yes it’s 10.

Hi there. A little confused with the limitations of the Community Edition. I’m using v4.0.12.0 Community Edition and getting a message to upgrade after adding only 3 managed certificates. Is there another version of the app that has the 10 managed cert limit you mentioned? Thanks!

@garrickcreed that’s what’s known as a ‘nag screen’ and it’s not stopping your from proceeding normally, it’s just encouraging you start thinking about upgrading.