No Production certificates

I just downloaded and built version without problem. All attempts to get a Production certificate yield a staging certificate only. I am trying to get a wildcard certificate using GoDaddy and filesystem storage only. The process completes succeessfully. The c-settings.json AccountURI points to staging. What am I missing ?

You are running a debug build (which is very much a work in progress).

To get the proper production version you should go to and download 4.1.6 from there as debug builds of work in progress versions are unsupported. You will need to set your email under Settings again as your account will have been created against staging and won’t work for production.

Thank you - success - with the prebuilt install. Did not clue in on Debug build. However, I got 4.1.6 from GitHub and built it - same issue. Is there a dependency on something to prevent Production ?

Build it as Release? The endpoint is set based on whether you build Debug or Release, that’s it.

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